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A lightweight charging, carrying and storing portable case for your personal SensoRING®. It allows you to carry the SensoRING®anywhere you go while it is always getting recharged.


Lightweight universal carrying pouch protects your device from bumps, scratches, and other damage. It houses USB cable and SensoSCAN® or SensoRING® Charging Case.


It is full-automatic arterial blood pressure monitor used to obtain reference blood pressure readings from upper arm during Personalization process.


This USB cable is used for SensoSCAN® data synchronization, for its charging, and for the firmware update through your personal computer. Alternatively it can be used as a charging cable for the SensoRING® Charging Case. Tangle-free, retractable, and length adjustable.


Overnight Holder used for comfortable fixation of SensoSCAN®on your finger for overnight continuous monitoring.


Tripp Lite’s U280-001-W2-HG is the first medical-grade USB wall charger certified safe for patient-care vicinities. This new solution is compliant with UL 60601-1 standards, making it currently the only USB charger on the market safe for use in all areas of a hospital, clinic or other medical facility.

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