Sensogram products are currently not cleared by the FDA nor other medical device regulatory authorities.  Sensogram is in the process of securing these clearances and approvals.  Please refer to our clinical validation studies for accuracy claims in the Clinical validations  section.

SensoSCAN S340

SensoSCAN® is a precision biosensor with transmissive optical technology allowing the user to monitor various essential performance indicators continuously and remotely via Sensogram mobile application and Sensogram Cloud.

SensoSCAN S340
SensoRING SR200

SensoRING® enables personal activity and performance assessment by tracking physiological parameters. This wearable device is equipped with built-in integrated biosensors, wireless connectivity and rechargeable battery.

SensoRING SR200
  • SensoRING portable charging case

  • Universal carrying pouch

  • Digital Reference Blood Pressure Monitor

  • SensoSCAN® Overnight Holder

  • USB to Micro-USB Charging and Data Transmission Cable

  • Hospital-grade USB wall charger

Clinical validations

  • Clinical validation performed by independent lab in compliance with FDA and ISO requirements for accuracy.

  • PR, RR, SpO2 clinical  validation completed. Accuracy within FDA / ISO requirements.

  • Blood pressure clinical validation data represents 34 subjects from Sensogram internal testing lab.